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From: Roger K
Subject: A Cock in Mouth is Worth preteen foot jobs Two in the PantsIt was 11:30 p.m. Friday night when Roger and Max arrived at the desk. They
had just flown into Atlanta from Kansas City. I was working my normal
midnight shift. As a Sophmore at Emory the weekend work schedule kept me
freed up so I could at least get involved in some weekend activities.Their flight from Kansas City had been delayed by storms in the Midwest.
Though they were both tired from the long trip, they managed to be
considerate and polite. I found this refreshing since most of the
businessmen I encountered at this time of night were rude and demanding.I smiled at them as they checked in. I had learned Southern hospitality
growing up in my sheltered home. They both smiled warmly back at me; I knew
they weren't from Chicago.As we small talked together, I sensed some electricity in the air. There
was some kind of spark between us; they were drawn to me as I was drawn to
them. What naked petit preteens struck me about the atmosphere, was the sexuality it exuded.
Now I'm no rooky to sexuality. I have been fucking girls since puberty. But
it has always been girls. As a matter of fact, I've popped my share of
cherries.Being a good student, I'd finished high school a year early. My parents
reluctantly agreed to let their somewhat preteen nudist trailer
naive 16-year-old move to Atlanta.
They felt a bit of safety since I was living in a dorm at Emory. My work at
the hotel helped defray my school expenses. It was a nice place to work."Karl," Roger said, "we really appreciate your help. Max's suitcase missed
the flight. It should arrive from the airline sometime tonight. They put
it on the flight just after ours. If you would let me know when it arrives,
I would really appreciate it." He had a really nice smile."I'd be happy to." I like these guys, I thought. I supplied both of them a
key and wished them a good night.As the the bell man walked the guys to the elevator I watched them in a way
I have never watched men before. In the daze Max turned and caught me
watching his butt. He gave me a knowing smile. I flushed.What's wrong with me, I thought. I've never been titilated by a man dressed
in a business suit. Here are two very ordinary guys, and they stir my
groin.Now nude preteen men
I'm familiar with stirring, but never by a guy. I'd never had sex with a
man, and never even thought I was interested. Not that i thought it was
creepy, I just had never really thought much about it. Now I am good with
women. Just this week I had fucked two different girls on campus. They
were both seniors and I was very much attracted to them. They were turned
on by having a then 17-year-old with a fairly nice cock servicing them. I'm
gifted; I can cum over and over and bring a woman to multiple sex preteen movies
filling their pussies as never before.When their bags arrived at 6:00 a.m. I rang the bellman to take them up.
But he never showed. When my replacement arrived, I was free to leave my
post and enjoy the rest of the day. I decided to take the bags upstairs
myself.I was hesitant to wake the men up so I planned to just leave the bags at the
door with a note. Somehow they must have youngest preteen feet heard the noise as I slipped the
note under the door. When I stood to leave Max was peeking at me through
the peephole. As I turned to walk up the hall Max opened the door, "Hey
Karl, thanks for bringing my bag up. Do you have a second, I want to give
you something."I refused the tip, "It was my pleasure." I liked these guys and just wanted
to do them a favor. They had a good attitude last night and this morning.
I guess Roger and Max found my sincerity endearing."Well, at least come in and chat a little while." From the doorway, I
noticed Roger's quizzical look at Max, and a quick wink they exchanged. I
must admit it made me nervous, but it did not seem malicious at all.When I entered the room I found the two wearing only the terry cloth robes
provided by the hotel. I then noticed that only one of the two king-sized
beds had been used. They didn't seem to fit the stereotype of gays, so I
didn't think twice. "Oh, no big deal; they're good buddies," I thought.Actually I had preteen modeling erotic
never really known any bi or gay preteen gay picture guys. preteen modeling erotic
In fact, I never even
jerked off with my buddies. I was always in school with guys a couple of
years older and never developed really close friendships.Somehow Max picked up on these things innocent angel preteen
and was trying to subtly convey his
wandering imagination to Roger. Roger, much less experienced in these
things, seemed to be feeling a bit uncomfortable with my arrival. I later
found out that Max and Roger had just recently began fooling around with
each other. Max had told Roger that he had once been involved in a 3-way
with two other married guys.As I entered the room Max invited me to take a seat on the couch. "Hey,
Karl, we were just planning to order some breakfast, would you like to join
us?" Roger picked up the phone and ordered an array of breakfast food."I don't know guys, it's against hotel policy for me to fraternize with
clients."With that Max laughed. "Fraternize. We're just going to have some
breakfast."After I sat down Roger asked, "Karl, tell us about yourself. Where're you
from?" As I proceeded to tell my story, Roger sat on end of the bed and Max
sat down on a chair directly across from me. Just a few minutes into the
story Max sat back and spread his legs. I felt like I did when I first
watched "Basic Instinct" with my buddies. I missed a beat in my story and
just stared. His dick was just dangling between his thighs. I couldn't
have been distracted for as long as it seemed. When I looked up Max smiled
at me. I blushed and saw Roger smiling as well. I really couldn't see
much. The room was kind of dark and the angle wasn't that good, but I did
see a nice size penis dangling down."Hey, let's see what's on the tube." Roger reached back and grabbed the
remote from the middle of the bed. When he pressed the "on" button a sexual
scene flashed on the Television screen. It was one of those 70s porn films,
the guys with long sideburns and the girls with Farrah Fawcett hair. A
young girl was going down on an older man. He had to be at least 40."Well preteen model upskirt
that is entertaining," Max said."For whom," toned Roger."Fellas, this is pretty hot stuff," I added."Karl, you don't know what 'hot' is.""What do you mean!?" Taken aback by Max's last statement, I went on to
share my most recent sexual experiences with the upper class co-eds. As I
told the story, I noticed movement between Max's legs. The erotic story was
obviously having an erotic effect on him. My eyes not only strayed to, but
stayed between Max's thighs. The more I stared, the more of the story I
told, the larger the Max's penis grew. It was one good mexican preteens naked looking prick.When I brought the story to its "climax," the spell was broken. I looked
over to the bed, surprized to see Roger naked, stroking his little dick. It
was hard, but just 5 inches in length. Though small, it had a nice shape.
When I looked back to Max, his hand had moved the robe aside and he was
slowly stroking a full 8 inches.The actors on the TV were making those stupid fake noises. While some of
the girls I had fucked made noises, none of them made noises like those topless beach preteen on
the porn videos. I started to rub my cock through my pants. Roger broke
the silence, "Karl, since you wouldn't accept a tip from ls land preteen Max, could I suck
on your tip?"I was struck by the question. No one had ever asked so politely if they
could suck my dick. When I was with girls, it just sort of happened."Uh, sure."Roger walked over to me, reverently knelt before me, removing my shoes,
unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, and pulling my zipper down. I
lifted my butt from the couch as Roger pulled off my pants and boxers
together in one motion. As my pants came off my own 8 inches wobbled hard
and erect.Roger stared, mezmerized by my dick. I could see the desire in his eyes.
Roger on his knees, between my legs, bent forward a kissed the tip of my
cock. Oh that felt good. nonude preteens romanian I ukranian preteen pix instinctively took hold of Roger's head a
pulled him to me. As I did Roger engulfed my cock. At the tender warmth
and pressure of his mouth I almost immediately erupted. He seemed to notice
and sucked harder.I sat back, closed my eyes and enjoyed Roger's skilled mouth. Man he was
good. This guy knew how to suck a dick. The girls I had been with were all
amateurs by comparison. I guess it takes a guy to really know what a guy
likes. Little sighs and grunting noises escaped my mouth. The scene on the
television set changed as Long-side-burns started screwing little Miss
Farrah from the rear. She continued to make those fake noises. We were
both oblivious to the flick. At least I was. The only "flick" I was
interested in was the flick of Roger's tongue on my penis.Deeply enjoying Roger's oral work, I lifted and drapped my long legs over
his back. As I did my head tilted to the side, lolling to the right, my
eyes still closed. My lips parted slightly with another sigh of pleasure.
As they parted, I felt a presence, when I opened my eyes something brushed
my lips. When my eyes nonude preteens romanian opened I saw Max's bush. Right below the bush was
his hardened dick preteens teens pic playing angel kisses with my tender lips.I had never been in this situation before, but responded as a pro. I parted
my lips and allowed Max to slip his penis head into my welcoming mouth.
Tasting my first cock, I tenderly sucked on the pink bulb. It tasted great.
Everyone was sighing now.With my attention distracted from my own pleasure I was able to regain some
self control. Roger continued to slurp on my engorged cock. Damn, it felt
good. Bobbing deeply back and forth, sucking hard on the up stroke, Roger
continued diligently, neither of us missing a stroke.I really liked the feel of Max's cock in my mouth. It filled it up, but it
was nice. I could taste old cum. I'd tasted my feet preteen own before. Not knowing
what exactly to do, I just sucked and sucked and sucked.As Roger sucked me, his hands caressed my hips working their way back
massaging my ass cheeks. With my legs drapped over Roger's shoulders he
managed to work a finger into my crack. I adjusted myself as best I could
allowing Roger freer access to my butt hole. Roger was tenderly stroking
the outer pucker of my anus. Now that was distracting.I continued to suck Max like a veteran. At least I thought I was,and Max
seemed to be enjoying it. It was evident that he was approaching orgasm.
There were little spasms. His abs and pecs were also rock had, not just
from his workouts, but from the building tension in his body. I was close
too; my self control was about banned backdoor preteens gone.By the sound of the television action, the actors were moving close to
cumming themselves. Long-side-burns was nude preteen men pounding on Farrah's bottom doggie
style. "I'm cumming," he told his partner, pulling out his dick and
shooting his wad into the crack of her butt.Max and I both tightly pulled our respective heads of our pleasurers close
to us, pumping manically. "I'm cumming," moaned Max."I'm cumming," I moaned, my words muffled by a mouth full of cock.Max erupted in my mouth and I erupted in Roger's as Long-side-burns gushed
on the Farrah look alike butt. But there was no waste of cum with us. Roger
and I both expertly swallowed our loads completely, without a drop lost.
Everyone, except Roger sighed, his little cock is rock hard.At that moment there was a knock at the door, "Room service."More to CumRoger K (hardquestionshotmail.com)
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